Inspiring Space

Vision and mission

Conceiving and developing inspiring and sustainable living environments – that’s what AM is passionate about. As a committed area developer, we place societal challenges at the heart of our development process, in which we focus on these themes: ‘Daring sustainability’, ‘Inclusive city’, ‘Healthy urban living and working’, ‘City and area maker’, and ‘Happy living’.

In cooperation with government authorities, property investors, housing associations, civil society organizations, residents, and other property users, this results in unique, high-quality places to live, work, shop and enjoy recreational activities. In this way, AM, a part of Royal BAM Group, ensures high-quality spaces as well as quality of life. AM’s projects have received widespread acknowledgement, illustrated by, for instance, the various prestigious awards received by, among other projects, Kerkelanden, Hilversum (Annual NRW Prize); Emerald, Amsterdam (Amsterdam New Build Award); Villa Mokum, Amsterdam (Amsterdam New Build Award); Newport Nesselande, Rotterdam (NEPROM Prize, NEPROM Audience Prize); Forum office building, Amsterdam (Mipim Award, FGH Prize); Regenboog Park, Tilburg (ULI Award); Chassé Park, Breda (NEPROM Perseverance Award); Huigensgracht, Vogelweide-Ypenburg and Duindorp, The Hague (New City Award), Hof der Verademing, The Hague (Haaglanden Living Award); Abtstraat, Maastricht (Victor de Stuer Prize); Overkapel shopping centre, Utrecht; town-centre plan Etten-Leur; Spuikwartier, The Hague; and Villa Arena, Amsterdam (all four were awarded the Annual NRW Prize).

AM in retrospect

AM was established in 2002 when Amstelland Ontwikkeling acquired its industry peer Multi Development Corporation. Together, Amstelland and Multi became AM. This business came to focus on the development of residential areas, offices, shopping centres and recreational spaces in a variety of European countries. The company was listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and was an AMX company. In 2006, the company was divided up and AM became part of Royal BAM Group. In 2010, AM merged with BAM Real Estate and since then these have formed the area and real estate developer AM. So, AM constitutes the continuation of development enterprises such as Amstelland Real Estate, Wilma Real Estate, HBG Real Estate and BAM Real Estate. These four names have been leading in the field of area and real estate development since the 1980s. In line with this heritage, AM has provided well over 100.000 families with a new living space over the years, in addition to developing high-profile environments for work, retail and recreation all throughout the Netherlands.

Contribution to TROEF

AM is well versed and experienced in the area of sustainable real estate and will put this to use within TROEF. Within the consortium, AM will be responsible for the composition of the product requirements document for the LE platform for the residential sector and the experimentation with the solution. AM will also be involved in the marketing of TROEF’s services.

Website: https://www.am.nl/