The HU organization

The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht guides students and professionals. About 35,000 students attend our programmes, in Utrecht and in Amersfoort. We are a learning organization. To us, that title means that we facilitate our students’ and employees’ learning, but also that we expect our employees to want to continue to learn. We focus on genuine interpersonal collaboration.

Thanks to innovations and improvements in our organization, we have become more resolute and more flexible. In our view, improvement is a continuous and essential process, in which we continue to grow, and are able to adapt to our rapidly changing environment. Changing is a key part of the HU. We have the courage to tackle issues, in our own way, and to experiment. Naturally, we understand that not everything has to change, and we are mindful of the demands that change puts on people and resources.

At the HU, everyone collaborates on education and research. We are partnered with notable institutes, knowledge centres and services, but also expand our horizons to other disciplines to work beyond our own perspectives. With that, we are always mindful of each other and our environment. We nurture and encourage talent, spirit and craftmanship. We trust in each other’s expertise and care for everyone’s professional space. By continually improving ourselves and creating knowledge together, we develop our talents and contribute to the innovation of professional practices. Our style of collaboration is characterized by taking responsibility, taking initiative and being transparent. So, it demands everyone shows their leadership.

HU’s vision

In our ever-changing world, we are faced with challenges in health, technology, safety, climate, and sustainability. Answers to these issues require an innovative approach, which is exactly what the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers. The HU provides opportunities for connection between different perspectives, because where different disciplines and viewpoints intersect, opportunities for sustainable innovations can be found – and with that, opportunities for the emergent professionals that we develop.

Contribution to TROEF

HU’s expertise and experience in the fields of sustainability and digitization, particularly with practice-oriented research in collaboration with market participants and connecting businesses and researchers to education with regard to Smart Sustainable Cities, comprise an indispensable part of the consortium and will enable TROEF to develop a technologically superior service. HU will help TROEF apply the most advanced (technological) techniques in for user interactions and modelling.

Website: https://www.internationalhu.com/