The network of the Netherlands

About KPN

KPN has been the leading provider of telecommunications and IT services in the Netherlands for nearly 140 years. Every Dutch person directly or indirectly makes use of the KPN network every day: from the fibre-optic connections underground, to the payment terminals in shops, to the electronic road signs over the highways. Via the network of the Netherlands, which KPN continuously invests in, for instance by the construction of new fibre-optic connections and the rollout of the new mobile 5G network, KPN provides consumers and corporate clients with services for telephony, data, television, internet-of-things, cloud, workspaces, and security. KPN has an open network through which other providers also offer their services.


We believe in the power of connecting. We are the network of the Netherlands for a reason, and have been connecting the Netherlands for nearly 140 years - people and businesses – enabling them to do more together. We work tirelessly on our safe, reliable, and future-proof networks and services to facilitate connections between people, anytime and anywhere, and to encourage a cleaner and more prosperous world at the same time. In 1881, we established the public telephone network of the Netherlands. On a small scale, our small country got its first glimpse of the wonders of telecommunications. It was the start of what has now become KPN’s extensive network, reaching into every corner of the country. While the telegraph was used to transmit ‘beeps’ only, today our cables, antennas, and transmission masts carry vast streams of information, including phone calls, but above all, more and more data. From WhatsApp messages to television programmes, from Spotify music to work documents. And on top of that, the bits and bytes that are transmitted without any human interference: smart meters that automatically transmit their meter readings or waste containers that report when they are full.

Consumer market

KPN offers its private customers a wide array of services in the areas of communication, information, entertainment, and commercial services via single play and multi-play packages. These services include fixed and mobile telephony, mobile data, internet and TV. We are active on the consumer market with several brands, including KPN, Telfort, XS4ALL and Simyo.

Corporate market

KPN offers its corporate customers (small, medium and large) a full range of services, from fixed and mobile telephony and internet to diverse end-to-end- solutions in the areas of infrastructure, workplace management, the cloud, safety, data networks and data centers.

Contribution to TROEF

Influenced by legislation and societal pressures, the Netherlands is moving towards a decentralized and sustainable energy system. This is making it more difficult to balance the demand and supply of energy, because the supply of wind energy and solar energy cannot be manipulated. The energy market needs FLEX solutions that allow delaying or moving up demand for energy. KPN has entered into the TROEF consortium to accomplish this energy transition together. For KPN, power outages pose a threat to the quality of our services. Because the network cannot operate without energy, and we cannot offer our services to our customers without the network. So, KPN’s equipment relies on batteries and a no-break installation to remain in service during a power outage. Batteries are used as back-up exclusively, which means they are often not in use. So, KPN is looking for ways to put these batteries to good use in society. We believe we can make a beneficial contribution to this process based on our experience with local energy storage (transmission masts, data centres) and our expertise in the areas of Internet of Things, connectivity, and security. KPN’s contribution to TROEF includes the KPN Data Services Hub, a managed platform that makes data accessible, processes it, and distributes it. The core functionality of the DSH is its event driven information processing and exchange. Furthermore, the continued development of KPN’s neighbourhood battery will be important for peak savings applications and integration into TROEF.

Website: https://www.kpn.com/