The Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute

NEN sets standards for a better world

At NEN, the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute, we connect parties and stakeholders and ensure that they reach agreements in standards and guidelines. They do this in national and / or international standards committees. Additionally, NEN supports putting norms into practice, through trainings and instruction manuals.

NEN manages over 34,000 standards. Those are the international (ISO, IEC), European (EN) and national (NEN) standards accepted in The Netherlands. These are all available at NEN, individually or on a subscription basis via NEN Connect. NEN also facilitates the development and supervision of certification plans. NEN itself does not provide certifications but acts as an independent platform where certification schemes are drawn up and overseen.

For over 100 years

NEN was founded in 1916 and has been Royal since 2016. Now, NEN has grown into an organization with more than 300 employees, more than 550 standards committees and some 5,500 active committee members in our network.


Internationally set climate targets require us to reduce – or eliminate – the amount of harmful greenhouse gasses we emit. This poses an immense challenge to the energy sector. How can we ensure that energy is used efficiently? What constitutes sustainable energy? How can we generate it and how do we store it? What does the process of integrating it into the new energy system look like? How do we guarantee a safe transition? Which technologies and products are reliable? But also: what makes someone an adept technician? NEN can help answer these questions with its trainings, national and international standards and other guidelines, and its other services and products.

For years, NEN has been actively working with stakeholders to determine whether our current standards suffice to accelerate the energy transition, or whether new standards should be developed. NEN’s collaboration with the other partners in the TROEF consortium is one of the ways in which NEN aims to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition. For more information, turn to (in Dutch). NEN is also the driving force behind the development of the Technical Architecture, which has resulted in a blueprint for a layered energy ecosystem and a road map for the establishment of new energy communities.