ICT Group

About OrangeNXT

A wholly owned subsidiary of ICT Group, OrangeNXT uses its in-depth knowledge of and expertise in digital transformation to create plug-and-play products and solutions that enable customers to fully benefit from faster and more efficient implementations. We define ‘digital transformation’ as the smart connection of people, devices and data.

For some time, OrangeNXT has been working on product development for the energy transition with its product energyNXT. It is already possible to monitor and manage various assets in energyNXT, with the help of a variety of optimization algorithms. It is important for us to thoroughly understand the ecosystem surrounding the energy transition and to distinguish the demands of the different stakeholders within it, so energyNXT can remain relevant to our customers. The developments within TROEF surrounding new market opportunities concerning flexibility, such as aFRR, dynamic pricing, Peer 2 Peer trading, CO2 trading, and local energy communities, constitute topics that we want to expand on further, so we can continue to refine energyNXT. Specifically within this collaboration, we recognize how co-creation, and a focus on business values and customer journeys stimulate conceptualizing clever innovations.

Contribution to TROEF

OrangeNXT will contribute to the consortium with the expertise and experience we have gained from previous projects, which enables us to develop a technologically superior product. Firstly, we have extensive experience with communities, both residential and SME. As IoT specialists, we are able to provide access to all equipment and processes that are part of the solution. We understand the energy market and flexibility markets, and have developed modules in our energyNXT platform for various flexibility markets (USEF, aFRR). Because of our background and our focus on a product, we will consistently focus on repeatability and scalability.