Grid operator

Ons werkgebied

Our service area covers the majority of the Randstad conurbation, including The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and the Rijnmond Port and Botlek areas. These are crowded, urban areas with complex infrastructures, which strongly depend on energy, which should thus always be reliably available, to reside, live and work. Today and tomorrow. Stedin is also the manages the energy grid in the regions Kennermerland, Amstelland and North East Friesland.

Working together to create an environment filled with new energy

Over 2.2 million customers depend on us, day and night. They expect us, as part of Stedin Group, to ensure they have access to energy via our grids throughout the year. We are proud to say that our grids are among the most reliable grids in the world, as energy has become indispensable in the world we live in. We take it for granted that energy is always available. We use energy for everything, at every moment, and we are using more and more of it, at home, on the road and at work.

We want energy to continue to be available for generations to come. So, we are switching to clean energy together, from renewable sources that do not exhaust or pollute the planet. This demands major modifications to the energy grid, or rather our energy system. New technologies, as well as good cooperation between people and organisations that are involved in our energy supply, can help facilitate this. If we all roll up our sleeves and really get to work on it, we will succeed, politicians, municipalities, market parties, customers, and us. Because only then will access to energy in our world continue to be as logical as it is today. That’s why our mission is: working together towards an environment filled with new energy.

Stedin and socially responsible and suistainable business management

At Stedin, we critically examine our own conduct. For instance, we aim to reduce our CO2 and particulate matter emissions, approach raw materials in a more circular way, and offer equal opportunities to everyone. That’s how we emerge our company into society. There is no endless supply off the raw materials we use, and our vehicle fleet and network losses emit a substantial amount of particulate matter. So, we aim to make sustainable purchases and are selective about what we purchase and what suppliers and partners we work with. We are pursuing a fair and independent way of working and doing business. Additionally, we sponsor activities that suit our company profile on a modest scale and support social initiatives that tie into our values closely.

Contribution to TROEF

Stedin’s participation in TROEF is directly linked to one of its main targets: reducing the investment needs of the energy network by thirty per cent. Furthermore, Stedin has been involved in the development of local energy communities that reduce the costs of the energy system by intelligently balancing supply and demand since 2017. Within TROEF, these developments will be advanced further.