Enterprise-grade blockchain solutions

Blockchain-based solutions for your future success

Almost every industry is set to be revolutionised by blockchain, but only those that chose to embrace the core features of this technology into their businesses will accomplish successes. Our solutions are developed by one of the world’s most experienced enterprise-software teams and are built on a platform comprising a comprehensive stack of enterprise-ready applications married to a blockchain layer. Able to integrate with any legacy software and modern applications, Tymlez technology can create decentralized applications and solutions for organizations in any industry looking to leverage blockchain-functionality.

We offer all parties a safe and efficient mechanism to communicate within the network, by removing the need for mutual trust and for third-party verification, which is often expensive. If the Tymlez platform were not offered as a ready to use service, it could have taken every business in the network months, or even years, to conceive such ecosystems using traditional software, and various high-level developers would have to have been employed full time to design every application needed. The Tymlez solution represents the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual savings for all parties involved. Together, we can create a Tymlez future.

Contribution to TROEF

TROEF is aiming at an integrated, inclusive proposition on the subject of energy, flexibility within it and the CO2 emission rights that requires. The emission rights trading system that is to be developed will enable parties that purchase the TROEF proposition to mutually trade these rights. It also will not require a central entity that can potentially create barriers through pricing or preferences for matching. This will make it much easier for users to trade CO2 emission rights. Tymlez already holds a solution for decentralized energy trading and a blockchain platform. Blockchain technology allows organizations to settle business transactions without a need for a trusted intermediary party (decentralized ecosystem). A decentralized approach is preferred for the trading of CO2 emission rights, because it will ensure that there is no single party in control the prices or connecting buyers to sellers. In the EU, this has not been worked out much, but in Asia it certainly has. In TROEF, Tymlez will develop a blockchain trading system for CO2 emission rights based on an already developed solution for decentralized energy trading and its blockchain platform. Tymlez will also be involved in the marketing of TROEF’s services.

Website: https://www.tymlez.com/