We are a group of five students of the Innovation Sciences Master’s programme at Utrecht University. With quite diverse backgrounds in energy, transport, business, marketing, supply chain and sustainability, we have come to Utrecht from various places around Europe, in order to learn more about the dynamics of emerging technologies and innovation. One of the largest single components of our studies, and arguably the most exciting one, is the consultancy project, where we work directly with a company client in order to deliver them with research-based advice on a specific problem or question they are facing. Building on the knowledge we acquired during our studies this advice will be based on theoretical concepts and frameworks emerging from the prior work of innovation experts, making our advice both funded and highly relevant.

For this project we are very inspired to be working with TROEF, as we believe that innovative solutions are indispensable for transforming our current energy systems and reaching climate goals. In our opinion the consortium is making an important contribution to this puzzle that we are excited to support. Concretely, we are doing research on the drivers and barriers to upscaling that have been encountered by pilot projects in the residential, utility and mobility pillars. We collect this information by reading reports and interviewing actors who have been involved in previous projects and analyse the data collected. This will allow us to draw conclusions about the factors that might also play a role for the upscaling of TROEF communities and will hopefully provide some interesting insights and learnings going forward. 
Sander, Ilse, Hylke, Job and Jana